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Yogurt is wonderful enough by itself. And so is fruit. But when combined together, they seem to blow up your taste buds with a light and filling flavor that keep you happily satisfied for next couple of hours. That’s exactly why I decided to put together this little Martini Yogurt Parfait.

Before you get any ideas – nope! It doesn’t have any alcohol in it. I just really wanted to use a martini glass!

Martini Yogurt Parfait


1 Dannon Oikos Nonfat Greek Yogurt
2 tablespoons Fat Free Redi-wip

After cutting up the blueberries, banana, and kiwi, create alternating layers of yogurt and fruit in your glass. Top it off with some Fat Free Reddi-wip and a raspberry! It’s a little hard to see the layers but the banana is right there in the middle, just above the blueberries!

Nutrition: Servings: 1 parfait, Serving Size: 1 parfait, Calories 135, Total Fat 0g, Carbs 19.8g, Fiber: 2g, Sugar 11.7g, Protein 15.6g

Even though I ate it for dessert, I think it will work perfectly for breakfast as well! I chose to use these fruits because they are some of my absolute favorites, especially the kiwi. I hadn’t eaten a kiwi in so long, so including it in the parfait was a must. It turned out incredibly delicious.

Which fruits would you absolutely want in your own parfait?? There are so many fruit combinations that’s it’s almost impossible to choose! My only solution is to make (and eat) all the ones that I can think of!