Your life is your own adventure. Regardless of the ways in which you approach it, don’t hesitate to fill it with excitement, enchantment, and passion. Simply said, do the things that make you happy – no matter what. For some, that means cozying up in a big leather chair with a worn-out book and a cappuccino. For others, it means traveling to the most exotic and distant places on the globe. Sometimes, it might just take a little bit of chocolate and the summer sunlight to fill your day with that kind of love and happiness.

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon Delight

Bananas and chocolate are amazing complements!

And what kind of fondue doesn’t include strawberries?

To create the most incredible chocolate fondue: melt some bittersweet chocolate chips and combine with a touch of fat free Reddi Wip and a drop of cognac. (adapted via yummly)

Just call it the perfectly balanced indulgence.