Bonjour mon amis!

My name is Kate. And it is my dream to travel to France.

Ever since taking my trip to Italy last year, I haven’t been able to get Europe out of my mind. Every little bit of it was enchanting. The genuine smiles, magnificent architecture, vineyards lined up on emerald hills, quaint shops and bakeries – countless other things just took my breath away. It should come as no surprise that my biggest wish is to travel all over Europe, starting with France. I couldn’t long for anything more than to be lounging in a Parisian cafe right now, drinking a warm café au lait and digging into a chocolate-and-strawberry filled crêpe.

My infatuation with France has a lot to do with my newfound love for healthy eating. My philosophy is simple: eat and enjoy the natural beauty of fresh foods. Avoid pre-packaged meals and devote a little bit of your time to cooking for yourself and those around you. Where is the logic in wasting your energy and taste buds on meals that aren’t simply the best? The delicacy, elegance and beauty of French cuisine has bewitched me by all means. Luckily, the only escape from the curse seems to be to visit the country and immerse myself in all (the food) it has to offer!

I know that one year from today, I will be sitting at that exact Parisian cafe, looking out onto the Eiffel Tower and simply soaking up the buzz of the French conversations taking place around me. However, until then, I still have a lot to learn about French cuisine and cooking in general!

There is no hiding that I am a novice chef. Nevertheless, the idea of using fresh ingredients and following traditional European recipes awakens the spirit of a well-trained cook inside of me. Within Cappuccinos and Crepes, you can expect to see my musings of travel, read of my beginner adventures in the kitchen, and view the tab of my savings for the trip of my dreams.

Let the culinary adventures begin! Bon Appétit!


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